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Electrical Contracting

Month: August 2017

Youth in Construction

Thinking of becoming an Electrician?

If you’re interested but don’t have the skills or experience to get a job as an apprentice, you can apply for the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program.  

Energy Efficiency

Here to Stay: Sustainable Buildings

Sustainable Buildings 
Now A Common Goal

Energy Efficiency

You can’t see it, but it’s there- Fight the Phantoms and Save Energy

Did you know that your home’s devices and appliances, when plugged in, continue to draw power even when they’re off?

Fire Alarm Systems

Optimizing addressable notification technology for fire systems performance

Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade

Current Technologies completes LED lighting upgrade at St Joseph Catholic School in Markham

Completed under the “Save On Energy” program. Let us help you take advantage of the “RETROFIT” incentives available to you.