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If you are preparing for a “Fire Alarm Wiring Maintenance” project then give us a call.  Here at Current Technologies Ltd. we offer a full selection of fire alarm services including installation and maintenance services.  If you are looking for premium quality wiring or maintenance services, look no further than the experts here at Current Technologies Ltd.

Current Technologies Ltd. has been helping businesses in Toronto with the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical and life safety systems. We work with many commercial, industrial and institutional businesses to help retrofit existing electrical and lighting systems to take advantage of more efficient and cost saving solutions, including official and approved government rebate programs including SaveONenergy. Upgrade to T8s or LED lighting for immediate savings.

We work with many commercial, institutional, industrial and retail markets for electrical upgrades, electrical retro-fits, energy efficient lighting systems for businesses, Installation of Power for Machinery and other electrical services as required including installation and upgrades for life safety systems and lighting upgrades throughout the greater Toronto area.

If your situation is an emergency, call Current Technologies Ltd today at 416-240-7691 and ask for a free estimate.


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