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Life Safety System Maintenance

Life Safety System Maintenance


If you are in need of “life safety system maintenance”, then you have found the right place!  New technologies are making the workplace safer. Network systems for multiple buildings and panels that provide monitoring reports (Addressable Intelligent Systems) and integration with Building Automation Systems are all making the role of safety easier to manage.

Upgrade for Improved Safety

Current Technologies provides a full range of services for fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. Our highly skilled licensed Journeyman Electricians and CFAA trained Fire Alarm Technicians perform all work.  We offer life safety maintenance for a wide array of life safety systems including:

Fire Alarm Systems

  • Annual Test & Inspection of fire alarm systems (all makes and models)
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Upgrades and modifications of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Verification and Certification
  • Retrofit of existing fire alarm systems including audibilty upgrades
  • Fire Code Upgrades to reflect changes in your building systems.

Emergency Lighting

Fire alarm system installation

  • Annual Testing of Emergency & Exit Lighting
  • Installation and Upgrades of Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Repairs & Maintenance

Sprinkler / Standpipe Systems

  • Annual Test & Inspections
  • Modifications, Repairs
  • All designed to meet Ontario Fire Code Safety Standards.

Fire Pump Controllers

Maintenance, Repairs, New Installations

Have a question regarding our professional life safety system services?  Give us a call today to learn more at 416-240-7691!