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We Install and Service Commercial Fire Extinguishers

We Install and Service Commercial Fire Extinguishers

We Install and Service Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Commercial Fire Extinguishers are a indispensable part of businesses of every size, providing effective and immediate safety from fire. At Current Technologies Ltd. we offer a full selection of commercial fire extinguishers for virtually any type of business. Our technicians are highly experienced in the safe installation of commercial fire extinguishers, according to fire regulations.

Fire Extinguisher Protocol

For a fire extinguisher to be effective, the following conditions must be met:

  • The extinguisher must be right for the type of fire.
  • It must be located where it can be easily reached.
  • It must be in good working order.
  • The person using the extinguisher must be trained to use it properly.
  • The fire must be discovered while it is still small.

Our staff would be happy to answer any questions or inquiries regarding the proper use of our commercial fire extinguishers.

Full Selection of Commercial Fire Extinguishers:

No single fire extinguisher is capable of putting out every type of fire hazard. Some fires require a special type of extinguishing agent to be put out. Using the wrong extinguisher to fight a fire can have serious adverse results. For example, if a water-based extinguisher is used on a flammable liquid fire, the fire may flare up, spread, and cause personal injury to the user and others. If a water-based extinguisher is used to fight a fire in or near electrical equipment, the user could suffer an electric shock. Trust the experts here at Current Technologies to provide the correct equipment for the job.

Current Technologies offers the following types of commercial fire extinguishers:

  • Multi-Purpose
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Wet Chemical
  • Water Mist
  • Water & Foam
  • Wheeled Units

Trust Current Technologies Ltd. with any and all of your commercial fire extinguisher requirements. Give us a call today and speak to a qualified member of our team at 416-240-7691

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