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Master Electricians Serving Newmarket Businesses

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Electrical Contractor in Toronto

Electrical Services

Our accomplished team of Master Electricians and Journeymen Electricians are experienced in servicing the needs of Commercial and Industrial buildings. From Minor Electrical Repairs or Basic Electrical Work, to Fire Alarm Systems and Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades; we can help.

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Electrical Contractor in Toronto

Lighting Upgrades

Energy-Efficient Lighting is generally considered the easiest, most profitable investment compared to other Energy-Saving Building Systems. One way to reduce the cost of operating an older lighting system is to replace it with a newer, more efficient lighting system.

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Electrical Contractor in Toronto

Life Safety Systems

Network systems for multiple buildings and panels that integrate with Building Automation Systems are all making the role of safety easier to manage. Current Technologies provides life safety system services such as Fire Alarm Installation, Light Safety Systems, and Lighting Upgrades.

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Welcome to Current Technologies Ltd.

Current Technologies is an Electrical Contracting Firm specializing in the installation, maintenance, service and repair of lighting systems, electrical systems and life safety systems for commercial, institutional, industrial and retail markets within Newmarket and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area.

Current Technologies Ltd. has been helping businesses in Newmarket with the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical and life safety systems. We work with many commercial, industrial and institutional businesses to help retrofit existing electrical and lighting systems to take advantage of more efficient and cost saving solutions, including official and approved government rebate programs including SaveONenergy. Upgrade to T8s or LED lighting for immediate savings.

We work with many commercial, institutional, industrial and retail markets for electrical upgrades, electrical retro-fits, energy efficient lighting systems for businesses, Installation of Power for Machinery and other electrical services as required including installation and upgrades for life safety systems and lighting upgrades throughout the greater Toronto area.

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Fire Protection Systems
Maintenance, Repairs, New Installations

New technologies are making the workplace safer. Network systems for multiple buildings and panels that provide monitoring reports (Addressable Intelligent Systems) and integration with Buildling Automation Systems are all making the role of safety easier to manage.

Electrical Contractor in Toronto

Fire Extinguishers

  • Multi-Purpose
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Wet Chemical
  • Water Mist
  • Water & Foam
  • Wheeled Units
Electrical Contractor in Toronto

Sprinkler & Standpipe Systems

  • Annual testing & inspections
  • Modifications & repairs
  • All designed to meet Ontario fire code safety standards
Electrical Contractor in Toronto

Fire Panel & Alarm Systems

  • Annual testing and inspection of fire panels & alarm systems
  • Repairs & maintenance to all fire system makes and models
Electrical Contractor in Toronto

Emergency Lighting Systems

  • Testing and inspection of emergency & exit lighting
  • Installation, repairs, maintenance & upgrades of emergency lighting systems

Mission Statement

At Current Technologies Ltd., our goal is to provide our customers with efficient electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. Strict detail to quality, the utmost professionalism, and completion in a safe, timely fashion is our mandate on all of our projects.

Our installations will meet and exceed standards set forth by all governing bodies including the Electrical Safety Authority, Canadian Fire Alarm Association and the Ontario Fire Marshal as well as all requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code, Ontario Fire Code and ULC.

At Current Technologies Ltd., we promote continued education to our employees ensuring that our clients receive highly trained professionals for all Electrical and Life Safety installations.

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